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Welcome to my pancake lovers homepage
What is it about pancakes that would posses me to make a homepage in their honor?  Well let me explain.  It isn't so much their great taste or anything like that.  For me it is the feeling.  Nothing beats waking up on a cold winters morning to find your mom making pancakes downstairs in the kitchen.  You toddle downstairs, whipping the sleep from your eyes pull up your favorite chair and wait for mom to bring you a great big plate of pancakes covered in butter and syrup.  mmmm I think I'm getting hungry!!
What is a Pancake?

First of all let say what isn't a pancake.  A pancake is never made from meat or potato's!!  Pancakes are not just for breakfast they can be eaten anytime of the day or night.  Some people like to make pancakes with blueberries or strawberries or other fruits.  I personally love pancakes with chocolate chips.

Ok so maybe your hungry for some pancakes or just wanna read some more about one of the best foods ever made.  Below are links to many pages that you might find interesting.  Hope you enjoy:)


This page is nowhere near being done.  There are many links to add and i will sort and label the sites.  Please excuse the mess.
R.A. West