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 All about me!!!!!
How I got into wearing diapers

    Well i guess i should start from the beginning.  I was born in 1975 (just turned 22).  My dad was in the army so we moved around a lot.  For some reason or other i never was never able to stay dry at night.  When i was 5 or 6 i remember getting diapered by mom.  I had to sleep in the same room with my older sister so it made for some  interesting situations.  My sister had her friend sleep over this one time.  During the day we played this game where one of us would dress up and  then come out and show the other two.  Well my sister suggested her friend put on one of my diapers.  I was so embarressed!  Later that night my mom put me in my diaper and sent me to bed.  I had to crinkel my way past my sister friends, embarressing me again!  Soon after this my mom stopped making me wear diapers and i was left to wet the bed every night.

    There not much more that happened until i was 10.  By that time my mom and dad were divorced.  My mom was sent to a course all summer to get a promotion so me and my sister were sent to live with our grandma.  Soon after arriving my grandma tired of wet beds and put me back into diapers.
The first night back in diapers was interesting.  I sensed something was up when she told me to go back to my bedroom an hour before my bedtime.  She followed me as i walked to my room and this got me worried.  I thought i had done something wrong and was gonna get spanked.  When we got to the room i saw a diaper laying on my bed.  It's hard to explain my reaction to seeing a diaper on my bed.  I was embarressed, excited and scared.  My grandma told me to take off my pants, adding to the already ackward situation.  I slowly started working on taking my pants down.  I knew she meant business by her tone of voice.  When i was finally nude she told me to remove my hand covering my front as she reached unto the bed and picked up the diaper.  She put it on to me while standing up.  When I was in the diaper she told me i would have to put one on every night and then she had me get into bed.  That night i remember feeling the diaper, rubbing the front and moving around in bed to feel it rub against me.  I know it felt good but there was a big part of me that felt it was not something a boy should enjoy doing.  For the rest of the summer i was in diapers:)  The only thing is it didn't really help cause it would rip and i was a heavy wetter.  That summer is the bases for a lot of my fanstasies today.  I wish i would have gotten more of a baby treatment and all that kinda stuff.

    The next major event on my road to being an adult baby was when i was 11.  My mom and sister went out for the night for some reason.  I got bored watching tv so i started looking around the house for no real reason, just cause i was bored.  In a closet i found a box of pampers.  My heart rate jumped and i got a funny feeling throughout my body.  I pulled one of the diapers out and looked it over.  I felt it's softness and smelled the wonderful baby powder arouma.  In no time i put the diaper on.  It didn't really fit but i was able to get the tapes fastened.  I didn't pee in it and took it off a little while later.  I never tried them on again and never really thought about diaper for a few years.  I had discovered the joys of masterbating and that was taking all my attention.

    When i was 12 or so i found a diaper in the garbage can in the bathroom at school.  I got that funny feeling again and just had to have that diaper.  I stuffed it in my book bag and took it home with me that day.  It had been used but that didn't matter to me.  I put the diaper into the front of my underwear and sat back in awe.  I soon started buying baby diapers, taping them together to try to get them to fit.  For the most part that was my aby life then.

    My mom went on vacation with her boyfriend a few weeks before i went off to college.  Within minutes of them leaving i was in my car rushing over to a drug store to buy attends.  I had never used them before but was really excited to try them.  After almost passing out while buying the diapers i rushed back home to put them on.  For two weeks i was in diapers every chance i could get.  It was incredible!  But sadly that had to end as i left home to start college.

    I've been enjoying my diapers happyly ever sense:)

Some other stuff about me
    I'm 22 years old.  I live in oklahoma where i attend college.  I am in my third year and majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business Administration.  Some of my hobbies include, IRC (#diapers on undernet is my home)  designing floor plans, reading, hanging out with my friends, and watching tv.  I have three fetishes, diapers, pancakes, and Pooh (Winnin the Pooh that is).  Well that's me in a nutshell, hope i didn't put you to sleep yet:)
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